Online Banking

Convenient and Secure

Online Banking

Convenient and Secure

Online Banking

24/7 access. Anytime, anywhere.

Easily access all of your United Bank personal accounts 24 hours a day. Check balances, transfer funds, review transaction history, place stop payments, order checks, and much more—anytime and from anywhere.

Manage Your Accounts Securely

Whether you’re signing in on your computer, tablet or using face ID to login to the Bank With United mobile app on your smartphone, your privacy and security are covered. With over 180 years of banking experience, United Bank is a financial partner you can trust.

Move Money and Pay Bills

You’re in total control with Online Banking. Easily make transfers and simply add payees to start paying your bills with the ease of the Bill Pay feature.  Quickly determine which bills are outstanding and which need to be paid, or use Zelle® to make friend-to-friend payments in the moment. 

Track Your Expenses

See the big picture of your finances and make smarter financial decisions with our interactive spending and budgeting tool. Access our Personal Finance tool to help you with day-to-day budgeting and planning for all your saving and investing goals.

Create Custom Alerts

Alerts helps you monitor your account activity, and to act quickly to prevent potential fraud. Choose from three delivery options for the notifications you wish to receive from United Bank Online Banking when activity occurs. Choose from many alerts such as:  transaction monitoring on your debit card, bill pay payment reminder or when your account reaches or is below a set minimum balance.

Available alert delivery options:

  • Primary email address
  • Secondary email address
  • Mobile phone number for SMS text messages

The Convenience of Mobile Banking

Bank on The Go

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you forget your password, you can click the "Forgot your password" button to unlock your account or reset your password, which is on the Online Banking login page below the login box. You then must complete the following steps: 

• You must enter your Online Banking User ID. Online Banking will display option to receive a one-time security code.
• You will have option on how to receive your code, via phone call or SMS text message.
 • If you enter the one-time security code correctly, you will have option to reset your password.

First, you need to have a user ID and password. If you did not set up Bill Pay when you first opened your Online Banking access, you will need to register your account by accepting the terms and conditions for Bill Pay. Then you can begin by simply adding payees. 

There are two kinds of bill payments: A one-time payment is processed on the day you specify. On that date, the funds are withdrawn from your account and the payment is sent to the merchant/payee. The merchant/payee receives the payment two to five days after the payment date. A recurring payment occurs automatically at your specified frequency, for as many times as you indicate. 

Payments can be set up as much as 12 months in advance.

If your payment was made to the merchant/payee by check, you can determine if the check has been cashed by viewing the payment details in your payment history. Actual verification needs to come from the merchant/payee. If the payment was made via electronic remittance, then you must contact the merchant/payee to verify that the payment was received and posted. You can also set up an automatic alert to notify you by email or SMS text. 

Improve your experience with the Bank With United Mobile Banking App

  • Download the app
  • Sign in using your Online Banking username and password
  • Easily view and manage your United Bank accounts