Ways to Avoid Scams

Ways to Avoid Scams

Shop Safely. With more shoppers than ever using computers and online devices, they are (unfortunately) making themselves vulnerable to online fraud.

Here are some ways to avoid being a victim this holiday season:


  1. Avoid suspicious websites. Stay safe and stick with the big-name retailer sites, websites that have the secure symbol that means your payments are safe.
  2. Try not to click on hyperlinks in emails. These can lend to scammers requesting you complete a form with personal information (address, banking information etc.). The Better Business Bureau recommends ignoring any emails that make these requests.
  3. Use caution with shopping on your mobile device. While these devices make it easier to shop, they often lack the protections that our desktops offer. Consider avoiding entering your payment information on your phone and finalizing purchases on your desktop.
  4. Never share you social security number. This is a common request if you receive an email from a scammer, legitimate businesses will never request this information online.
  5. Use credit cards. These usually come with extra fraud protection so in the chance you do become a victim, there’s a great chance you will get your money back.
  6. Create strong passwords. Most online websites request a password upon checkout. It’s important to use different passwords across all accounts to help avoid a password break-in. For important accounts, use long and difficult to guess passwords. 

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