Stay Safe from the Cyber Criminals

Stay Safe from Cyber Criminals

It happens to many people everyday, cyber criminals hacking cell phones and tablets left and right to get their hands on everyone and anyone’s credit card and personal information. In a world so digitally connected, how do you stay safe from the cyber attacks? We pulled a few tips and tricks from FDIC that will hopefully help you become safer when using your phones and tablets.


  1. The first is to only buy or download apps from well-known app stores. These would be app stores established by your cellular service provider or by your phone manufacturer.
  2. Update your apps and cell phone software frequently. Cybercriminals take advantage of systematic flaws, so updating your apps and software as often as possible will ensure that any recent security bugs have been fixed.
  3. Purchase mobile security software and apps. Before purchasing or downloading any anti-malware, do some research and make sure that it is a reputable vendor.
  4. Make sure that your device has a password or security feature installed so that thieves cannot easily access it. Activate the “auto-lock” feature as well so that your phone will automatically lock after being inactive for a few minutes.
  5. It’s a good idea to always be prepared for a cyber attack. Back up your phone and/or tablet often. This is good to do in case your apps stop working or your device becomes lost or stolen.


To learn more about how to help keep your phones and tablets safe from cybercriminals, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Computer Security Web page

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