Online Banking Security

Did you know that CresCom Bank’s online banking is handled over a secure network? To prevent access from unauthorized use, it is recommended that each account signer set up your own online account. To do this, simply visit, go to the section labeled “Online Banking” and click on “First Time User.” From here, you will be prompted with all the necessary information needed to set up your secure CresCom Bank account.

To minimize unauthorized access to your online account, we recommend creating a strong password. A strong password is typically six characters in length or longer and uses a mix of letters and numbers. Since passwords are case sensitive, you can increase the strength of the password by simply using uppercase and lowercase letters.

In addition to these steps, always protect your online accounts by using a secure server. Before accessing your account, be sure that the server itself is secured. Do not use public servers typically found in coffee shops, libraries, etc. These servers are not secure and are open to outside access, which can translate into your online security becoming breached.

Until next time, have a nice bank.

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