11 Feb 2015

How to Apply for a Mortgage

Buying a house can be scary and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what all you need before you start the mortgage process. If you have everything you’ll need together before you apply for a mortgage, you’ll be much less stressed about the process.

10 Feb 2015

The Best Financial Apps for Managing Your Money

Most of us are constantly attached to our mobile devices, making it easier and more accessible to keep track of your budgets or spending on your cell phone. Here is a list of the apps we love to help you stay on top of your financial goals for the year.

17 Nov 2014

Some Shopping Smarts for the Season

Take these tips with you as you navigate the aisles on Black Friday and the websites on Cyber Monday.

28 Mar 2014

Nice News Employee Spotlight: Donnella Hardee

Donnella Hardee, assistant vice president in retail mortgage, began feeding the needy in the area from day one of working at CresCom Bank.

20 Mar 2014

Understanding Your Credit Score

Thinking about buying a home? One thing that you’ll need is a good credit score. Understanding your credit score can be tricky, so here is a little help for you to know what you’re looking at.

18 Mar 2014

Find The Right Loan For You

CresCom bank offers a wide variety of loans that will satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. It's still early in 2015, and it's not too late to accomplish those new years resolutions.

14 Mar 2014

Relocating To Another State?

Do you ever get that feeling that you forgot something? Moving can be very hectic yet an exciting time in one’s life that it is easy to forget some things in the process.

03 Mar 2014

Get A Home Equity Loan That Fits Your Needs

Considering a major home improvement? Or just pondering over a minor home project?

14 Feb 2014

Tips For Avoiding Internet Fraud

There isn’t a day that goes by when we aren’t using the Internet.

04 Feb 2014

Wise Things To Do With Your Tax Return

Okay, so you got your tax refund back. Now what?

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