07 Sep 2017

6 Ideas About Family Meals to Save the Most Money

You spend a lot of money eating. Even the cheapest lunch at a fast-food joint is five bucks. Visited each workday, that’s $1,250 annually for one meal, one person. Throw in a family meal at a restaurant once a week, and you’re consuming a lot of bread.

25 Aug 2017

11 Energy-Saving Tips for Your Business

Running a business is a full-time challenge – and then some. There are many costs that can’t be avoided, like salaries and benefits, complying with regulations, and essential raw materials and supplies. One expenditure that almost every business can reduce with a little effort, though, is the cost of energy. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that American businesses waste $5 billion to $10 billion annually just leaving the lights on.

26 Jul 2017

Relocating to the Carolinas? These cities give you more bang for your mortgage buck.

With beaches, mountains, southern hospitality, and coastal temperatures, it’s no wonder why more and more folks are choosing to call the Carolinas home. But our best-known cities—like Charleston, Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, and Columbia—also tend to be the most expensive when it comes to buying a home. If you’re thinking about relocating to the Carolinas, there are plenty of lesser-known (and more affordable) towns where your mortgage dollars go further. Here are our top picks for the five most affordable cities to get a mortgage in both states.

24 Jul 2017

History of CresCom: Local Banks Combine to Better Serve the Carolinas

At CresCom, when we say our roots run deep in the Carolinas, we really mean it! In fact, CresCom started when two South Carolina banks—Crescent Bank in Myrtle Beach and Community FirstBank in Charleston—consolidated.

17 Jul 2017

A Dozen Tips to Save on Back-to-School Shopping

Retailers say back-to-school week is the second biggest shopping week of the year. In 2010, the National Retail Federation estimated that the average American family would spend more than $600 on back-to-school supplies. But you don’t have to. Try these 12 tips for saving money on the August shopping spree:

16 Jun 2017

The Big 3: Boat Buying Basics

Fishing, sailing, racing, water skiing, island hopping, cruising, dolphin spotting, tubing, and so much more—the joys of boating seem endless. But for boat owners, those joys come at a pretty steep cost. If you’re considering splurging on the boat of your dreams, there are a few things to consider before you dive in.

09 Jun 2017

Summertime on a Dime in the Carolinas

In the Carolinas, summer means longer days, heat waves, and plenty of ways to get out and play. From water sports and vacation rentals to al fresco dining, some summer excursions can really put a strain on your wallet. The good news is there’s plenty to do in both North and South Carolina for FREE this summer. Here are some of our top picks across the states.

01 Jun 2017

Save Two Grand Painlessly for Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are important life balancers. They help us recharge our batteries, break out of our routines and gain some perspective that might not be possible when we’re mired in our busy work-a-day worlds. Paying for our summer holiday threatens to drop us right back into that daily grind. But there are strategies you can employ to set aside a few quid for that summer trip – whether it’s a jaunt to faraway lands or just a family gathering at the beach. Here are six simple steps you can take to ensure that saving for your vacation isn’t more drudgery.

01 Jun 2017

8 Things to Bring on Your Summer Vacation that Will Save You Money

Ah, summer vacation. Easy living. Whether chilling on the beach with a book or jetting off to some exotic locale, there are ways to keep costs down while indulging. Managing the airfare and lodging costs are critical because they tend to consume the majority of vacation budgets.

23 May 2017

How to Apply for a Personal Loan in 5 Easy Steps

Thinking about making some upgrades to your home or buying a new car, but you don’t have all the cash you need on hand? Consider taking out a personal loan from your local bank.

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