Travelers Checks

Ease the stress of travel while you're on the road by using American Express Travelers Checks. Travelers Checks are accepted almost everywhere and are available in many denominations. Plus, the no-expiration feature allows you to cash in leftover checks or retain them for the next time you travel.

Traveling with a partner? Checks for Two® have a convenient dual signature feature allowing either signor to make a purchase or use the Travelers Checks.

Customer service support and emergency travel assistance are available 24/7. Passports and credit cards can even be replaced should they be lost or stolen during your travels.

It's easy to purchase Travelers Checks at any CresCom Bank location. You don't need an appointment and no preregistration is required.

Travelers Checks Mean Peace of Mind

Protect your travel money. Travelers Checks can be refunded if they’re lost or stolen, so you can get your money back quickly, 24/7.

Protect yourself against identity theft. If they’re lost or stolen, don’t worry—Travelers Checks aren’t tied to your bank account or any personal information.

Save money compared to other payment methods. Unlike using an ATM, there are no withdrawal fees. You can easily cash in your Travelers Checks for local currency wherever you are.*

Make budgeting easier. Spend a fixed amount by only using Travelers Checks.

When traveling abroad, avoid fluctuating exchange rates. When you buy Travelers Checks in other currencies, you lock into the rate when you buy.

Travelers Checks are backed by American Express. For more than 100 years, Travelers Checks have helped travelers protect their money.

*Exchange Fees may apply

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